'Surprise Madonna Concert'


It is a well known fact that I've been a huge Madonna fan for over 20 years.  I've seen her perform live FIFTEEN times, in nine different North American venues, and I have over 120 Madonna CD's from all over the world.  Well, this detail did not get past Billy and Mike at DIAKADI; on the Tuesday after Memorial Day they surprised me me by playing a full hour of Madonna in the gym to celebrate my previous week's weight loss and blood test successes.   I was simply *beaming* at their very sweet acknowledgement.  It totally made my week (and by chance, happened to be the 5th anniversary of my personal "interaction" with Madonna.)  (See http://www.frontrowbitch.com ).

In other news, my creative partner Colin and I have been working hard on our newest stage show.  We've been performing sketch comedy in the Bay Area since 2002, and have also performed at numerous comedy festivals in NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington DC, Toronto, Vancouver and elsewhere.  But this time we've written a full-length play where the two of us will play all 27 characters in the show.  It's called "Lost In Circulation: A Comedy About Getting Your Money Back" and it's about a rare, misprinted dollar bill from the 1930's that accidentally enters circulation in 2011.  The story follows the both the dollar (as it travels America, changing hands over and over again) and the characters who are trying to track it down.  I play both the protagonist and the antagonist, and several supporting characters as well.  Anyway, today my friend Jeff took a bunch of promotional photos of us for our press pack, and, well, I was astonished how good I looked!  It sounds vain, but these are the first pictures taken of me where I can really see the weight loss (which is often hard to see when you're looking at yourself in the mirror every day).

More info about the show, which opens July 29, here: http://www.uphillbothways.com/when.htm My parents will be coming to see the show in mid-August.  They have no idea about Commit To Fit.  I hope to surprise them with over 50 lbs of weight loss by then.  Wish me luck!

Author: Commit to Fit 2011 Winner, Dave McKew