Now that summer is in full swing and the sun is shinning, perhaps it is time to think about planting your own veggies? We know it may seem like a daunting task at first, so we have laid out some helpful tips to get you started and to take away some of the guess work. Go ahead and get your family involved, this can be a great learning experience for kids as well as adults! Get the neighbors to pitch in and share a bountiful feast once the harvest is ready! With your own garden the possibilities are endless. In order to start a small vegetable garden (Recommended planter is 1' x 3' by 1.5' deep) of your own you will need to do these few easy steps:

1. For only $150 and a small patch of sun on a balcony, porch or yard you can grow your very own organic veggies. Choose which vegetables you would like to grow and how many. The easiest vegetables to grow in San Francisco are: Leafy Vegetables (Spinach, Arugula, Leaf Lettuce), Tomatoes (In the warmer neighborhoods), Zucchini, Squash, and most Herbs. Remember that tomatoes grow best in warmer temps and deeper soil levels for better taste! Try planting at different times so that your harvest does not come all at once. Lastly, the moderate San Francisco climate is perfect to grow leafy veggies throughout the year.

2. Make sure your plants get plenty of sun (six hours a day is recommended for most vegetables) and water frequently. Investing in an inexpensive, battery operated, daily water timer to attach to your sprinkler can be well worth the money!

3.Buy some rich potting soil or use food scraps from home to create your own fertilizer!

Flora Grubb located at 1634 Jerrold Avenue or Cole Hardware at 956 Cole Street; in San Francisco are great places to get started! Flora Grubb specifically carries organically grown starter plants!

If you wish to start a medium to large sized garden in a backyard plot, check your soil for quality. If your soil seems rocky or clay like it may be smart to invest in mulch, compost or fertilizer to give your plants a boost. Another thing you can do to enrich your soil is to buy earth worms and let them loose in yard! These  little guys will eat any decaying debris and turn it into rich soil for your plants to use.

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