My new two-man play "Lost In Circulation: A Comedy About Getting Your Money Back" opened this weekend.  I spent 24 hours at the theater this week; a mix of rehearsal time, tech/set-up time, and performance time.  Whenever one of my shows opens, it's a grueling week because I have to juggle my full time job with the time-consuming show commitments.  This show was even more hectic because I additionally had to juggle three workouts at DIAKADI and an appointment at Eating Free alongside everything else.

In the past, it was easy to just grab dinner at McDonald's all week between work and rehearsal, because there's a McDonald's in my building and it's one of the closest things open in the Financial District during the 6pm hour where I need to be rushing from work to the theater.  But this time I made more of an effort to allow more time for eating and to eat better.  I believe this gave me more energy during the show, but that may have simply been the weight loss; I am now 55 pounds lighter than the last time I performed on stage!

More energy on stage (and everywhere!) is just one of many physical changes I've been noticing lately:

- When I take a cab, it used to be a struggle for me to slide across the seat to get out of the cab.  I used to always get out of the cab on the same side where I entered it.  Now, I just slide across the seat without thinking about it.

- When I got my blood pressure taken at my doctor's office, he used to have to get the "large" arm cuff for me, but now my arm fits in the normal size cuff.

- I fit more comfortably in certain chairs (theater, doctor's office, conference rooms at work) that used to "hug" me pretty close.
- I sweat less, in general, and find hills and stairs much easier than before.  I don't get nearly as "winded" as I did before.
- A few areas of my body where I sometimes had skin irritation (from skin rubbing on skin) no longer have irritation.
- I can get down on the floor (and get up from the floor) much more easily.  Not necessarily gracefully, but...I'll work on that.
- I've got muscles emerging from the reducing fat.  This is really exciting to see muscle definition on my arms and legs and just seeing my body take a new shape in general.
For years, I never thought any of these changes were possible for me.  On some days, I still can't believe it's happening.  And that I'm the one making it happen.  It's truly empowering.