Sports Basement – Bryant is hosting its first ever Fit Fest!Wednesday, August 24th from 6:00-8:30pm 1590 Bryant Streets and 16th Street, San Francisco

All attendees will receive 10% off and 10% of all proceeds made will go back to R.O.C.K a local non-profit that supports youth health & wellness.

Fit Fest is open to runners, walkers and fitness fanatics of all levels. Fit Fest will start with a 3.5 mile Fun Run at 6:00pm Wednesday, August 24th.  People unable to attend the run/walk will be greeted on the 4th floor at 6:00pm by vendors including: Polar, Mizuno, Asics, 18 Rabbits, Feetures, Rock Tape, Timex, Powerbar and ART Specialist: Dr. Kris Blum. All of the vendors will be showcasing their latest products and services and will be on hand to answer any specific questions you may have.

Wine, beer and a full spread of food will be provided for the event so it promises to be a blast! There will be a raffle every hour and the gifts include: FREE Asics shoes, Superfeet insoles, 18 Rabbits granola, Rock Tape, Feetures socks, Saucony gear, Brooks gear, Mizuno gear and much more.


About R.O.C.K. ROCK was founded in September 1994 in response to the needs within San Francisco for enhanced public education programs and positive after school activities. Inspired by these needs, ROCK's founding volunteers researched the problem and developed the idea of combining school based and after school learning enrichment programs with sports and fitness activities to promote healthy child development.

The Need ROCK serves a community of children who are posed with countless social and economic challenges. Many children from Visitacion Valley come from single parent homes as well as live in one of the community's four public housing developments, one of which is considered among San Francisco's most violent. These challenges are further evidenced in the number of children who test well below their grade level on national standardized tests, the number of children receiving free or reduced school lunches and the number of immigrant families for whom English is a second language.

The combination of many of these factors results in a community of young people where challenges are severe and resources are limited. ROCK’s ability to provide quality youth development programs using its collaborative and community approach satisfies a critical need to this low income, under-served community of San Francisco.

Mission and Purpose The mission of ROCK is to nurture the healthy development of children by listening attentively to their needs and by providing opportunities to those who might not otherwise have access. ROCK fully implemented its pilot programs during the 1995-96 school year and has had a continued impact since then. ROCK's programs now include increased learning enrichment and sports and fitness opportunities and have expanded to include summer camp and focused leadership training and outdoor adventure programs. ROCK's programs are designed to serve girls and boys ages 6 - 17, who live or attend school in San Francisco's Visitacion Valley. The ROCK vision is to promote the positive development and long-term success of these youth, and this vision is reflected in three overarching program goals. All of ROCK's programs, regardless of activities or settings, are designed to provide opportunities and environments where children:

* Learn to connect by building positive relationships with adults and peers * Learn to be productive by engaging in positive learning experiences * Learn to navigate through life circumstances by participating in responsible, meaningful activities

ROCK pursues its program goals by creating environments for children to build caring relationships with adults and peers, supported by its low volunteer to child ratio of 1:3-5. These environments are characteristically supervised, structured sports and fitness as well as learning enrichment activities. The importance of these strong relationships and enriching opportunities is supported by youth development research, which shows that these types of supports will greatly enhance a child's skills and competencies while enhancing their self-esteem.