'Flying the Friendly Skies'

I have been on vacation in London since Friday morning.  And I must say, since my Commit To Fit year started in March, nothing has been more exciting for me than what happened on Thursday afternoon when I boarded the plane.For the first time in about six years, I did not need a belt extender in order to fasten my seat belt.  And the freakin' meal tray could actually go down flat without resting on my belly.  I was so excited about this news, that I posted it on facebook, emailed Sarah @ Eating Free, and texted Billy @ DIAKADI immediately, before turning off my cell phone for the flight.  During the flight, I was so excited and giggly and I really wanted to tell someone like a flight attendant or another passenger, but realized that was totally weird and I just kept my mouth shut and smiled my way across the Atlantic.Years of travel anxiety are now behind me, I no longer feel like I'm about to be thrown off the airplane for failing to buy a second seat to comply with an airline's "Customer of Size" policy.  (See my "Week 8" blog for the story of my 2010 Southwest Airlines incident).

Having a great time in London so far.  My hotel this weekend is about a five minute walk from the famous Tower Bridge.  Friday night I hung out at a pub, and on Saturday I enjoyed a nice boat ride on the Thames, followed by a matinee of my favorite musical ("Legally Blonde: The Musical"...my fifth time!) Later in the evening, I went clubbing, and didn't get back to my hotel until after 6 AM.  Crazy, CRAZY weekend.  This week should be more mellow, because I'll be crashing with friends in Notting Hill.

Sarah said my weight goal for the vacation is to maintain my weight, not worry too much about losing weight.  So I am enjoying a bit of a vacation from Eating Free in addition to my vacation from work.  Next week I'll write about what I ate on my vacation, and the week after that, I suppose we'll find out if I maintained my weight (or gained, or even lost weight) during the vacation.  For now, I will confess that I am becoming fearless about eating.  Seriously!  If I've lost nearly 60 pounds, undoing a little "damage" from an excess of British meat pies shouldn't be a big problem for me, right?