Commit to Fit | Week 28

Author: Commit to Fit 2011 Winner, Dave McKew

I lost 12 pounds this week. It was shocking, but since I'd previously enjoyed 8.5, 9 and 10 pound drops in one week, it wasn't exactly unprecedented.

Some factors that I believe contributed to this week's huge drop:

  • Over Labor Day weekend I drank too much and threw up several times.  Not the healthiest way to lose weight, no question! But I'll happily accept the benefits, since I suffered GREATLY for them. Trust me.
  • For several days this week I had some sort of virus and one of these symptoms was appetite loss, so I simply wasn't eating much.
  • I was urinating a LOT while I was sick, clearly my immune system trying to flush something out, so I was hydrating even more than usual.
  • My previous week's weigh-in was in the evening, when it's been proven that I am about 2 pounds heavier, so I think part of this 12 pounds was actually lost last week, not this week.

Regardless, this brings my total weight loss to 72 pounds. Since my initial goal was to lose 128 pounds this means I am over halfway done. This week I bought some new jeans, and they look and feel great. They are six sizes (12 inches) smaller than the ones I was wearing in March. They feel so light in my hands compared to my older jeans, obviously because they are made up of less material. I've also gone down yet another t-shirt size, so we snapped a photo at work so I could show my Mom my progress.

I still have a ways to go, but I'm definitely lookin' much leaner than six months ago...look at those "skinny" legs! Stephen in my office called these my "skinny" jeans and it made my day.

Speaking of Stephen, he's the guy in my office who's been updating the "Losing A Lilei" diagram as I go along. The most recent version is below. It's pretty cool that I've almost lost the equivalent of 75% of an adult woman who works in my office. Lilei is the best, and I'm so grateful that she's been on board as my "fitness model" since Commit To Fit Day 1!

Billy @ DIAKADI says when I lose a hundred pounds, Lilei should come down the gym and ride on my back so I can see what 100 pounds feels like. Of course, Lilei is game and so am I! So maybe this winter I'll have some really bizarre photos to post here. Stay tuned!