Trainer Name: Ryan Allen AREAS OF SPECIALTY

  1. Core Training
  2. Functional Training
  3. Corrective Exercise
  4. Total Body Conditioning and Weight LossMuscle Building and Strength Training
  5. Flexibility Training

Ryan’s journey into a career in the fitness industry began at a young age as a gymnast and runner.  His love for physical activity has translated to a career in helping others realize their potential.

“I believe that by overcoming physical challenges you will realize how unlimited your potential is in all areas of your life. The sense of accomplishment that comes from learning new ways of BEING in your body is very powerful!”

Ryan is certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), a gold standard in the fitness industry. His education and lifelong training in various sports and disciplines, such as yoga, is shared with his clients to help them reach their goals.

Ryan utilizes a variety of training backgrounds and styles to create programs for his clients. His focus on client posture, movement patterns and fitness level is the basis for the individualized programs that he builds for each client. His passion for what he does makes his workouts challenging, safe, and most of all FUN!