Author: DIAKADI Trainer, Josh Christopher I haven't always been sold on the idea that fitness is more than a gym membership. It took time through reading, practicing and seeing what works and doesn’t work before I realized fitness is a lifestyle. I, like many Americans, resisted diet and exercise for 20 years. Eventually, I used the motivational factor of body image to get me into the gym and started lifting. This led to some results but nothing that seemed permanent or impressive which led to frustration.

Struggling to succeed, I soon realized that making fitness a lifestyle and training for my health versus my exterior actually made more sense and I got the results I wanted. I feel the lifestyle switch is the mental block holding many people back from a full fit life.

What does it mean to have a fit lifestyle and what does it look like? Why does fitness as a lifestyle make sense and what are the benefits?

Fitness as a lifestyle is a 365 day a year pattern structured so that each element of your life adds to the health and wellness of your mind body and soul. The basic elements of a fit lifestyle include exercise, synergy, and healthy eating habits. Focusing on these basics are the start to becoming 'life fit' and all three work together making each step easier than on its own.

Let’s define each of the basics within a fit lifestyle spectrum.

Exercise is physical activity that helps the body utilize its full athletic and metabolic potential. Exercise has also been shown to elevate mood, adjust mental health, prevent disease, and regulate blood sugar and multitude more.

Synergy is all about having a balance with life.  Keeping close attention to giving back to yourself physically and mentally. To have synergy can mean allowing yourself to balance work and play, to get 8 hours of sleep each night, to being nicer to your inner self and much more. Synergy is very important because it allows you the time and focus to complete the other steps.

Last but not least having healthy eating habits has been shown to be one of the most important aspects of a fit life more so than the other two combined. We all know that what we put into our bodies is what fuels and nourishes our bodies and our brains. Eating a balanced diet will give your body the building blocks to have an agile, sexy, fit body and a sound mind.

Why does fitness as a lifestyle make sense? The body is the temple and our temple is a direct reflection of our health whether it is mental, physical or spiritual. I’m sure we have all heard the phrase 'mind, body and soul.' If this idea holds true then treating only one part of your healthy trifecta leaves you severely unbalanced. I often see people who I refer to as 'microwave fit.' These people come into the gym with visions of hot bodies on the cover of magazines in their eyes and get started on an aggressive exercise routine. The gains come quick because this is their first attempt recently, but they soon realize these gains slow to a trickle and they start becoming too tired or too sore to keep pace.  The reason success was so fleeting was because they wanted 'microwave': quick easy results that only focused on one aspect of the fitness spectrum. Without all the elements to a fit lifestyle you just aren’t fit.

Without eating healthy fuel you can’t feed a hungry body and mind waiting to take your life to places you could never have even dreamed of. It also makes sense because it opens your life to so many new, fun, adventurous ways to be fit. You could become a foodie and test all the best organic farms or test new and creative healthy recipes! Outdoor actives like hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, hang gliding and a million more things could be waiting for you to conquer them. As well as taking care of your synergy with plenty of amazing views, life changing experiences, and lots of self love.

The possibilities are endless living in a fitness lifestyle!