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When we do not sleep in synch with seasonal sun exposure, we alter the biological rhythms that control hormones and neurotransmitters that determine our fertility, appetite and mental and physical health.  By keeping the lights on at night, watching TV and starring into computer screens, we fool our bodies into living in a perpetual state of sunlight, or summer.  Our bodies think it is daytime and keep our cortisol levels up.  This disrupts our entire hormonal system leading to excess fat storage, adrenal stress, sex hormone imbalances, anxiety and depression.

To optimize circadian rhythm and maintain a healthy hormonal system it is best to sleep between 10pm and 6am.  Start winding down when the sun sets, dim the lights, relax, by using candles or Himalayan salt lamps you can keep the lights on while allowing your natural cycles to run properly. By doing this you will support your hormonal system to decrease sugar cravings, lose weight, eliminate depression and lower blood pressure and stress levels.

If you know you are going to have a late night, have an afternoon nap before 5pm for about 15-20 minutes both the day before and after. This will help to balance your systems.

Take needed time out

It is important to schedule time for yourself to completely relax each day.  It is very easy to get wrapped up in the go, go, go lifestyle, running around to meet other people’s needs all the while forgetting to meet the needs of the most important person which is you.  If we spend most of our time running around for others but never take the time to care for our own needs, we can become highly stressed and resentful.  This can disrupt every system in our body.  Psychological stress is a very powerful stressor, and taking a break is an easy way to pour water over an overheating system.  Take some time out at the beginning of each week and get clear on what you need and want. Write down a few small steps that you will take to attain these goals on a weekly basis.  The process of “taking care of you” may feel hard at first, but will eventually become part of your daily routine. Many of us are raised to think we should sacrifice for others, but we must first take care of self.  This way we will have the energy and love to help others.  Each week live by your set goals.  You will be creating new neural pathways, and eventually it will be a normal habit to love yourself daily.

Find a practical form of Meditation

Most of us experience stress from our modern lifestyle. Practical meditation can bring some needed stillness to our overly active minds.  Practical meditation can include gardening, dancing, drawing, walking in nature, or singing. It can be anything that is non-goal orientated and frees you from analytical thinking.

We recommend chi gong, tai chi or a mediation class.

Mind Body Stress Reduction (MBSR) Deep Vipassanna meditation