Commit to Fit | Week 41

Author: Commit to Fit 2011 Winner, Dave McKew

What is the most surprising thing about your weight loss?

My increased sex drive. Good Lord, I'm 38 going on 25.  It's insane.

Another thing, perhaps less predictable: my concept of how much space my body takes up has NOT adjusted to my decreased size.  I keep saying "excuse me" to people who I *think* need to move to get out of my way, but it turns out I don't need them to move.   This happens almost every day, in the aisle at a store, on while standing on public transportation...everywhere.  When I'm about to sit down between two people on the bus, I'm convinced I'm going to brush against and disturb both of them, and now I can sit between two people without even touching them. I am just so used to needing extra space that apparently I don't need any more.  What a relief!

* * * * *

What is the most disappointing thing about your weight loss?

My expensive, professional-grade Santa suit doesn't fit any more!  It was so embarrassing when I wore it at Halloween this year, it was four or five sizes too big, and it just didn't feel right to "stuff" it, so I didn't. Instead, I looked like the baggy, deflating red balloon from the 1956 film "The Red Balloon".

Actually, I had a bunch of pretty nice big-n-tall clothes that I've had to retire (donate).  It was kinda a bummer, seeing some nice, expensive stuff go away for nothing....but, of course, it feels great to donate.  (I tried, without success, to sell some of my nicer stuff on craigslist, but there is just no secondary market for big-n-tall clothing, most big-n-tall people don't bother looking for it on craigslist.)

* * * * *

Once you are no longer in the Commit To Fit program, how do you think you will stay in good shape?

Food-wise, I'm not too worried about going back to my old ways.  Eating Free has taught me a lot, I think most importantly how to self-correct after a day where I've eaten too much or a week where I've gained weight.  I'll need to get a scale!  Mine is broken and I decided not to replace it so that during my Commit To Fit year I would weigh myself ONLY at MV Nutrition (and sometimes at DIAKADI)...I was worried that I'd weigh myself at home every day and every night and obsess about it all the time.   They say you should weigh yourself only once a week, and I found this easiest to accomplish by not having a scale in my house.

As far as exercise goes, Billy is going to continue to design workouts for me that I will do on my own.  I am so grateful for this.  I've decided that I will need to join the gym on my block.  This is a hard decision given that DIAKADI has given me an open gym membership for life, but realistically I know that I am more apt to succeed if working out is a mere 120 steps from my front door.  As I mentioned in my recent blog about excuses (Week 40), it is remarkably easy to find excuses to not go to the gym.  Working out on the same block as my apartment eliminates several of them.  Of course, I will pop into DIAKADI every now and then because I will miss everyone there, without a doubt.

My Commit-To-Fit year is over on March 1, but I will probably send a blog update to Eating Free and DIAKADI every now and then so readers can keep up with my progress. This will keep the pressure on!   I've said since the beginning that losing weight so publicly has really helped motivate me and keep me on track, partially because the fear of failure in front of an audience helps keep me on target.  (Remember, I'm an actor/comedian...so I LIVE to do stuff in front of people.)  It's been a lot of pressure, but I'm motivated by that.  And I should stress that all the pressure has come from myself - Billy and Sarah have really encouraged me to succeed but don't really get on my case when I fail.  They challenge me to want to do better for myself, which, really, is what we all need to succeed.

* * * * *

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