Trainer Name: Luis Chirinos Before becoming interested in the mechanics of the body, Luis studied another kind of mechanics. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1996, but ever since his teenage years he has been actively involved in fitness, bodybuilding, recreational sports, and general health-related activities. And now, he works on improving the most complicated machine on earth—the human body.


  1. Fat loss Programs
  2. Core Strengthening
  3. Posture Improvement
  4. Muscle Gain Programs
  5. Specific Sports Training
  6. Improve Flexibility
  7. Balance and physical endurance

Luis’s philosophy is simple.

“Everything in life changes, and you have the power to make that change happen.”

He works with people of all levels, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts, from people seeking health wellness to competitive athletes.

"Since the beginning of my career as a Personal Trainer in 2005, I've had the opportunity to be part of my clients' transformations into the persons they really want to be physically and mentally. Witnessing the journey of helping someone change or reshape their lives is a joy. I'm ready to help you make a fresh start!

Certifications American Council on Exercise (ACE) National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Massage therapy: Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage

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