Commit to Fit | Week 40

Author: Commit to Fit 2011 Winner, Dave McKew

The Commit To Fit team is looking for their 2012 winner.  I cannot stress what an amazing gift this opportunity is for someone in the Bay Area!  So if you or someone you know (who is over 18 and has a BMI greater than 30) is ready to benefit for a year's worth of personal training and nutrition counseling, make sure you (they) click on the links below.  And if you're a local-to-SF obese person who is making excuses as to why you shouldn't apply...then you should keep reading.

You know, that might have sounded a little bit rude... but as a man who spent a good 15 to 20 years coming up with excuses as to why I can't (or shouldn't, or don't need to) lose weight, this seems to be one of the few fields in which I am a true expert.  I'm so good at making excuses, I would have a Masters in Obstacle Building and be teaching classes at a local college if I weren't so busy coming up with excuses.


(That was a pretty cleverly-structured joke, I hope at least one of you appreciated that.)


OK, back to you.  Reasons why you can't apply for Commit To Fit:


(1)  You are too busy to exercise.

So was I.  I have a full time job, a pretty active social life... and this summer I co-wrote, co-produced, and co-directed a play that I co-starred in AND I went to London for 10 days, and I still managed to make Commit To Fit fit in to my life well enough to lose over 90 pounds since March.  So, you can, too.


(2)  You are too tired to exercise.

So many people say, "after a hard day's work, I am too tired to exercise."  That's cool.  So do it in the morning, before work, it won't kill you.


(3)  But you're not a morning person.

Become one.  I'm pretty sure if you had to wake up an hour earlier for your job or your family, you would do so.  So think of it as your job.  Or go in the middle of the day and make it a long lunch.  Seriously, if it's important, you can find the time.


(4) You work weekdays 9 to 5 (etc.) so you can't go to the appointments at MV Nutrition and DIAKADI.

So do I.  I simply asked my employer if they would accomodate a few weekly schedule adjustments for the benefit of my health, and they said yes.  So don't say you can't make it work in your schedule until you've asked your boss.  Blackmail him or her if you must.


(5)  You are too old to exercise or have some health issue that might get in the away.

Don't decide that yourself.  Let a doctor make the recommendation and let your trainer customize a program for you.  I see folks working out at DIAKADI who are of a variety ages and ability levels.  You might be surprised what constitutes "working out" or "exercise."  No one's gonna make you run a marathon on Day 1.  That won't happen until at least your third week.


(6)  You are intimidated by the going to gym, because everyone is so darn beautiful.

So was I.  But at DIAKADI, the clients and trainers are serious about their work.  So they're not all standing around and chit-chatting and modeling like at the gym down the street.  (Which I may have meant literally or metaphorically, it's up to you.) (Oh yes, I did.)  My point is that you won't have time to notice what everyone else is doing, and they won't be noticing you.  Because they're busy...and you're so focused on your work, and your trainer.


(7) You have a plan to start exercising and eating better later, you'll just stick to that.

Hahahaha, OK, that's just a riot.


(8) I'm too busy to cook/eat better.

So, just so we're all on the same page, I used to eat 100% of my meals out. My fridge was empty, 24/7 for YEARS, except for some really old jelly and mayonnaise and something that I couldn't recognize anymore that carbon-dated back to the Jurassic period. And now since I started Eating Free, I still have lunch and dinner out 5-7 days a week.  I just make different choices when I eat a restaurant.  You can eat out and still lose weight, I promise.  I've lost over 90 pounds in the last 9 months, mostly eating out.


(9)  My partner/child(ren) will revolt if we only eat carrots and apples in the house.

If your concept of eating healthy is just eating carrots and apples, then you probably need to see a nutritionist whether you win this contest or not.


(10)  If I had to give up fried chicken and doughnuts, I'd kill myself.

If you DON'T give up fried chicken and doughnuts, you probably WILL kill yourself.  But seriously, these are two of my favorite foods and I still eat them...from time to time.  Eating Free is absurdly flexible...every food fits into the plan.  Check it out!


(11) I don't have any sense of discipline.

So change.  Losing the weight you've wanted to lose for years will never be as easy as when you have a team of people to help you out, to guide and advise you, and perhaps most importantly, hold you accountable for your actions. So go for it.  What if you win?


(12)  I'm not ready.

If you've read this far, you are ready.  If you're ready, they might pick you.  If you win, you'll do awesome because how can you not, with all these folks on your side?


Now, if you're as good as I am at making excuses, then you've already got 10 more that I've not listed.  Focus all your excuse-making energy on applying for Commit To Fit instead.  I did, and look where it's gotten me so far.  And the great thing is...the best part of my story is really just beginning.

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