Author | Sarah Koszyk, Registered Dietitian with MV Nutrition The holiday season is upon us again. We are entering a time of year where people celebrate more by drinking and eating. Now we always advocate Moderation in everything we do. And we also don’t promote heavy alcohol consumption. However, when reality sets in, many people celebrate with that glass of champagne or that spiced eggnog. So here’s the holiday spirit for your spirits on how to manage your holiday fun.

Top 5 favorite tips during cocktail time:

#1. Always have a plan in place before going out. Set a drink limit for yourself that works with you and is realistic. Now stick to that plan.

#2. Chase each alcoholic drink with a glass of water and sip all drinks slowly. Your drinks will last longer and you will consume less.

#3. Eat a filling, high fiber, protein-filled meal before going out so that it’s difficult to indulge in too many drinks when you’re full. A good meal example is quinoa with fish/chicken/tofu and vegetables.

#4. Skip those sugar-laden drinks and stick with a nice drink on the rocks. The serving size is about a shot-worth and you tend to sip slower because those drinks are strong. There’s also a guarantee for less sugar since there’s no chaser involved.

#5. Remember the main purpose of the event/party is to spend time with our loved ones. So focus more on the people and less on the drinks and you’ll still have a great time.

The Dirty Drink List:

1 glass of wine = 4 oz. (that’s 4 fingers from the stem of a regular wine glass)

1 beer = 12 oz. (that’s a bottle, not a pint)

1 liquor = 1.5 oz. (a shot)


Alcoholic Drinks Serving Amount Calories
Champagne / Wine 4 oz


Hot Toddy 4 oz


Cosmopolitan 4 oz


Pomegranate Martini 4 oz


Hot Buttered Rum 4 oz


Baileys and Coffee with Whip Cream 4 oz


Non-alcoholic Drinks Serving Amount Calories
Apple Cider 8 oz


Egg Nog 8 oz



Sarah Koszyk is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach at MV Nutrition and Eating Free where she coaches her clients to reach their successful weight goals. You can read more blogs by Sarah at Eating Free.