Commit to Fit | Week 45

Author: Commit to Fit 2011 Winner, Dave Mckew

As promised, I re-engaged with food after the damaging holidays and lost over 6.5 pounds during the first week of the month.  This was my largest drop since October, and a welcome one after basically "treading water" on the scale for most of November and December.  At this point I have lost 98.3 pounds in just over 10 months.

Here is the updated Lilei diagram:

For those new to this blog, Lilei is a hundred pound co-worker of mine who has volunteered to represent the 100 pounds I'd wanted to lose between 3/1/11 and 3/1/12.  (I've got more to lose than that, but 100 was my goal for my Commit To Fit year.)  I've been asking my friend Stephen to fill in the diagram every few weeks so we can all watch the progress.

Lilei had been asking to be a "ninja" on the second-to-last diagram, so when I asked Stephen for the updated graphic, we worked out leaving Lilei with nothing but an "eye hole" in her "ninja mask."  I think she looks more like an international "do not enter" sign, but that's just me.  Some people on my Facebook think she looks like a welder or that dude from Daft Punk.

I'd been waiting for my most recent belt (my fourth since March) to indicate when it was time to get some new jeans.  This was the week where the belt was officially too big, so on Saturday I went to Macy's and bought some new jeans.  This was monumental because it was literally the first time I'd bought a pair of jeans in a regular store (not big-n-tall store or big-n-tall department) in over 20 years.  When I brought them to the counter, the saleswoman asked if I'd found everything I need.  "Lady," I said, "You have no idea."  And then I told her my story.  And then of course she upsold me by making sure I left the store with a Macy's card.  Clever, clever girl.

As I type this, I am wearing jeans that are eight sizes (sixteen inches) smaller than the ones I was wearing in March.

Leaving the store, I got a little choked up because it's so validating to feel like I'm a size that marketing people have determined is "normal" for the "mass market." Apparently, I'm a regular person again in the eyes of the people who really matter, America's retailers.

As I wrote at length in my Week 19 and 20 blogs, I've been shopping at big-n-tall stores since I was in high school, and always felt like my clothing selection was severly limited because I couldn't just walk into any store in the mall and buy anything.  While I won't be doing any serious shopping spree until after I lose a few more inches of waistline, I'm getting kinda psyched about all the choices I'll have when I do.

Here's a photo of Mr. Skinny Legs for your viewing pleasure:

Hopefully in the next week or two I'll cross the hundred pound mark.