This fantastic and entertaining cookbook has recipes taken from artisan chefs using farm fresh ingredients that you can recreate in your own kitchen!

Cooking with clean whole foods can be a challenge for some of us; especially when we make the same four meals over and over and get a little bored with our routine cooking.

Harvest to Heat will not only fix this problem entirely and give you more recipes than you could ask for, but it will also take you on a food journey.

You will learn about the farms where your food comes from, the chefs who created the recipes and the restaurants where you can find such divine food.

Here is what some people have been saying about Harvest to Heat.

"Recognizing the incredible importance of farmers, and acknowledging the essential relationship between farmer and chef, Darryl Estrine and Kelly Kochendorfer have written one of the most compelling cookbooks of the year." - Epicurious

"The collaborative part of this book is not the all-star list of talented chefs showing their skills, but the relationships these chefs have with their suppliers: the farmers and artisan food makers whose product is a constant source of inspiration in the chef's kitchens. " - Project Foodie

"Delicious in every way, this travelogue/cookbook lets you, the reader, get to know some of America’s great food producers." -  The Farmplate Blog

You can order it online or pick it up in any major bookstore.

So let us pick up a book, pick up a fork and eat some delicious clean whole foods.