DIAKADI running enthusiast and client, Jonathan Gunderson, traveled to Uganda, which is located in east Africa, this past November. Their mission was to work with World Harvest Mission, a non-profit Christian organization, in order to provide clean water and development opportunities for the Ugandan people.  A major focus of the trip was to visit and meet with people associated with the water well projects they support in the eastern district of Iganga.

These people include the city engineer who designs and directs the building, the workers who execute the work and the numerous villagers and school

students who benefit directly from the wells.  Over the past 4.5 years, they've been involved with raising funds towards 17 water wells which affect the lives of at least 1,000 people each.  The wells are built on school grounds in order to guarantee access to not only the school's students, but also the surrounding villagers.


While there, they got the opportunity to see the final phases of a water well construction project funded in part by a charity run they've held the past 3 years in the San Francisco Presidio.  It was an amazing opportunity and a tremendous blessing to not only see water come out of the well for the first time, but also to be invited to speak to the students on whose school grounds the well was built.  While Johnathon had been to Uganda on two previous occassions, it

was wife ,Wilma's, first trip and this moment impacted her greatly.  Most of the 800 students at the school were there and to be able to share our own words and thoughts with them was priceless.  To view the speech

online on YouTube, you can go to the following link: Uganda Speech