Author | DIAKADI Trainer, Aaron Dence Join  Mobile Adventure Walks next walk this weekend, Saturday the 11th at 11am, on a stunning walk through telegraph hill and explore the city like you have never explored it before. 

The next Adventure Walk will lead us through the Stairs of Telegraph Hill followed by a byof-picnic-lunch. Be ready to explore the nooks and crannies of the area surrounding Coit Tower. This will be more of a challenging vertical climb and decent, but none-the-less it will be fun!

For the FOOD part: We'll rendezvous at Levi's plaza for a fun picnic, so bring a basket of food/wine or you can grab food at RJ's Market.

iPhone option: If you want, you can explore the area using the Mobile Adventure Walks iPhone app. I'll pre-load the route and you can follow along answering questions about things you'll see along the way. If you don't have an iPhone, no worries, you can team up with someone who does. 

Here's the plan:

Date: Saturday 11th

11am: Meet at Bay Club San Francisco

11a-12: 30p: Explore and climb through the Stairs of Telegraph Hill

12:30p: Pre-Valentine's Day Picnic-Lunch in Levi's Plaza. Bring your own food/basket/wine, or grab food at RJ's Market Levi Plaza.


Aaron Dence

NOTE: This route will be hilly; wear comfortable shoes and be ready to climb up stairs.