Trainer Name | Tom Armenta Tom, with 10 years of training experience, combines his thirst for knowledge and personal transformation to consistently catapult his practice to new levels. He values personal evolution, knows he is a work in progress, and is committed to improving himself on a daily basis. He practices the art of being present in each moment and gives to others unconditionally, which allows him to connect with people in a meaningful way.

Tom’s mission is to help clients find balance in their body, by creating functional, structural systems that allow free movement and performance without pain.


1. Correction of postural, structural and muscular imbalances

2. Strength, conditioning, and fat loss

3. Physical assessments and program design

4. Nutritional and life style guidance

5. Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy

6. Self defense

7. IMETT/VO2 Testing & ESD prescription

He believes a thorough evaluation is the key ingredient to building a strong program. Consequently, each client receives a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of their current physical state, their health history and their lifestyle (sleep, stress, nutrition) in order to completely measure the strengths and weaknesses of their body and life.  Fully understanding all aspects of a client’s life is essential to creating individualized programs that are both efficient and successful in achieving results. Tom has helped clients release stubborn body fat, improve posture, heal debilitating back pain, and increase overall vitality. His clients are thriving under his guidance and he is ready to help you become your healthiest self, if you are ready.

Tom’s passion for fitness and health was sparked by his personal desire to break free from his own frustrating and nagging struggles with obesity. “Every aspect of my life changed in a positive manner when I decided to start changing my bad habits. I felt like a new man and every interaction was full of possibility.”  This experience fueled him to begin teaching and consequently his personal training career was born. Tom brings to each client, a deep compassion for helping them grow, heal, and learn about themselves through their body. His practice has evolved over the years from bodybuilding, to sports specific training, to corrective and postural work. Each of these styles is continuously being redefined through the advancement of his assessment and program design skills.  “Helping my clients reach some of their dreams is why I’m in this business and that’s why I won’t stop pushing myself and doing everything possible to enrich their lives, as well as my own.”


  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM
  • Exercise Coach, CHEK Institute
  • Practitioner - Level 2, CHEK Institute
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Level 2, CHEK Institute
  • Neuro-Muscular Therapy – Somatic Series, Neuro-Somatic Educators


  • Athletes Performance - Phase 1, Arizona
  • Institute of Human Performance – Mentorship I, Boca Raton, FL

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