Commit to Fit | Week 3

Author | Commit to Fit 2012 Winner, Karl Mason

Last week I met with Sarah, my MV Nutritionist Guru, to further plan my new food program and discuss calories. During that meeting she taught me how to use the food tracking tool on the MV Nutrition Eating Free website. We practiced entering information so I could utilize the tool fully.  It was awesome – please check it out – and a simple way to begin to track calories, and to make sure I was meeting my prescribed targeted proper percentages of proteins, carbs and fats per day and week to lose weight. It was something I thought I could handle easily.

As time and this journey progresses Sarah will check my entered info which will allow her to better make recommendations about and tweak my food program caloric intake and discover any patterns which are influencing my eating based on the foods entered. Sarah is now “Big Brother…well Big Sister” in my life. Conspiracy theories running rampant in my mind!  I anticipate Big Sister will keep my on track, remind me when my info is MIA …I know she will always encourage me. Guru Sarah gave me food for thought during our last meeting.

While we reviewed my past menus and eating habits, I realized that I was basically starving myself on a daily basis. I always thought if skipped breakfast, ate a small lunch and ate a smaller dinner, I was doing well and working towards losing weight. WRONG! I was eating less than 1000 calories a day and was fat. OK, Ok, I had some trips to McDonald’s mixed in with that and maybe some sour patch kids during the weekends and at least 5 diet sodas a day, but basically it all worked out to less than a 1000 calories per day when all added up. Hard to believe I know, but true.

My body was holding weight because it was not getting the proper nutrition it needed, even if part of my menu was fast food or junk. Sarah told me I would actually need to eat on the Commit to Fit program…and boy have I….cherry tomatoes, carrots, yogurt,  salad, pears, bananas, lots of lean meat, whole grains, some fats mixed in to name a few. Do I really need to throw the word ‘healthy’ in here? My body is in food shock. It doesn’t understand what’s happening yet. I feel like I am eating all of the time, that I have to eat all of the time to get my calories for that day. Sometimes I don’t think I will be able to eat everything I need to for the day, but I do – and follow the program. No more McDonald’s. Goodbye Big Mac. Down to 1-2 diet soda a day and savoring every last drop as I know it will be 0 at some point soon. I am no longer starving since my Guru has shown me the path to eat healthy. Combined with the ass-kicking by Trainer God, Mike, at DIAKADI, there are no detours from the path to fitness anywhere on my horizon.