Trainer Name | Mike Clausen Mike is the co-owner of DIAKADI.  Mike takes from his athletic background and from the different certifications he holds to help create a balanced program for his clients.  By covering the different aspects that have an effect on fitness (nutrition and lifestyle) he has been able to update  his training style and been given a new perspective when it comes to working with clients.


  1. Improved Strength, Muscle Mass and Coordination
  2. Functional Sport and Movement Training
  3. Weight Reduction/Fat Loss
  4. Improved Postural Correction
  5. Holistic Life Coaching

Mike holds personal training certifications from American Council on Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine and most recently, he became certified as a CHEK Holistic Life Coach.  Mike has been actively involved in team sports all his life and lifting weights since he was 17.  Being fitness oriented was always a part of his life and by maintaining a career as a certified personal trainer, he is able to reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys being able to instill that same sense in others.  Taking from his background in athletics and bodybuilding, and by using his thorough knowledge of the body from his training as a paramedic, Mike designs comprehensive programs and creates inventive workouts that help his clients set the proper goals and enjoy meeting them as well. Mike trains clients from all walks of life with each person seeking their own unique goals. He looks at personal training as a career where he can inspire people and help them do things with their bodies they never thought possible.

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