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Who needs this exercise?

Cyclists, runners, dancers, people who work at desks. It's also a great stretch for people to add to their daily routines since you can do it anywhere--even at the office.

For the best results:

  • Use a table or bed that's at an appropriate height. You can do this stretch on your knees if your bed is low.
  • Start by putting your Left leg on the table and your Right leg on the ground, Right toes pointing straight at the table.
  • The upper portion of your Left leg (above the knee) should be perpendicular to your body.
  • The lower portion of your Left leg (below the knee) should be perpendicular to your upper leg.
  • If a 90* angle is too easy for you, try and straighten your leg to a point where you feel more of a stretch. If it's too difficult, pull your lower leg inward toward your body.
  • Bend forward into the stretch as low as you can go with your arms extended above your head in front of you.
  • Breath into the stretch, exhale out of the stretch.
  • Push your body just to where it starts to feel painful, breathe into it and see if you can go further.
  • Don't push yourself beyond your comfort level.
Here is a link to a Quick Tip Video by co-owner Scott Schwartz for the Lateral Rotators: Lateral Rotator Stretch Video

Note: If you feel pain and/or numbness during the exercise, discontinue until checking with a professional.  

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