Commit to Fit | Week 7

Author | Commit to Fit 2012 Winner, Karl Mason

Last Saturday, I had my second weigh-in at the Eating Free office with Sarah. I lost another 4.8 lbs for a grand total of -10 lbs in about 6 weeks. I was happy but knew I could push myself even more. I knew that there may be some obstacles in the upcoming week and I had to figure out how to deal with them though since I was going out of town. I kept wondering, “would this upcoming week derail my efforts so far?” Sarah provided some great advice and reminded me to make smart choices.

Mike encouraged me to exercise when possible. I immediately felt outside of my comfort – safe – zone once out of San Francisco and quickly began to dwell in and get lost in my thoughts... Did I pack my bars for quick snacks? Would I be able to make healthy choices while dining out for most of my meals? Would I drink alcohol? Would I exercise or find an excuse not to get to the hotel gym?

I was appreciating that I actually was able to work out at DIAKADI earlier with Mike. I was energized about the week and I thought working out in the morning would set the tone for a better week. It did. I arrived at the hotel late Monday afternoon. I had not made time for a proper breakfast and basically only had a protein bar before arriving at the hotel. I headed to the grill and had a turkey burger and salad. Smart choice, great start. After some down time and a few meetings, it was dinnertime. I was going to one of my favorite steakhouses and was a bit anxious. After being seated, the party ordered appetizers. I had a small piece of seared foie gras over arugula. Delicious. I ordered a cocktail. I did eat a roasted jalapeno corn muffin. I didn’t know if I was a freight train heading off track fast. I wasn’t.  I decided not to feel guilty or let my choices get in my head too much. My entrée arrived – a Kansas City Ribeye cooked medium rare and steamed asparagus. At least I didn’t order the porterhouse like I first debated about….I nibbled the almost-better-than-sex (but not quite) mac and cheese from the side plate nudged up next to my plate of asparagus. 3 bites later I had to force myself to stop nibbling. It wasn’t even my side! I enjoyed a glass of cabernet with my steak. I kept thinking Big Sister is watching remember! After I finished my meal, I was actually happy. I could have made worse choices but didn’t stray completely off the path and was able to have quality food and enjoy myself…wasn’t that something to be happy with? I wondered if I should lie in my food journal…

At the end of the day, I was honest in my food journal – alcohol, mac and cheese, steak and all. Lying would not serve any purpose and I have been lying to myself so many years before that rationalizing my eating behavior and poor food choices. I came clean and was honest – I OWNED my behavior.  Good man!  I did indulge in a few more cocktails Monday night into Tuesday, didn’t get to bed until late and woke up late on Tuesday. Even with the drinking and little sleep, I got up and took myself immediately to the hotel gym after having a fruit and yogurt breakfast. This was a new behavior for me – the hotel gym. I completed working out and felt great and inspired for the rest of the day. Working out for the week was making a different and better choice. The remainder of my week was amazing on a personal level for various reasons but it was time to return home.

Headed back to San Francisco, I reflected on the week. There were temptations and obstacles but those exist in every situation everywhere. No one can live in a worry free environment. Yes, I gave in a little but didn’t lose my health compass completely. I realized that it is in the “how” I approach, deal and overcome those obstacles that really matters now that I have been educated in the Commit to Fit Program for 6 weeks. I was prepared for the challenges and didn’t shy away from them. I made it happen.