Looking for something to challenge yourself and your friends? Need something to bond over with your family? Mud Mash will bring you closer to anyone you run it with as well as challenge you physically and mentally. Choose between a ten mile course or 5/10 k and kick ass in the mud. More important than anything make sure to have fun!

Mud Mash X – May 19 is a 10 mile obstacle and run course designed to push you to the limits of emotional and physical endurance. Designed by active duty Navy SEALs and adventure race professionals, we challenge participants with over 25 obstacles and insane hill climbs through rolling hills and heritage oaks of the authentic California west.

Mud Mash – May 19 and Oct 27-28 Tougher than the tough ones, and more fun than the fun ones: the All Out Way!  The Mud Mash is a 5k and 10k mud run with dirty obstacles, wall climbs, lake scramble, hay bales, slip and slide and of course a huge, nasty mud pit. Not to mention some tough trails that will be even tougher when you’re wet and MUDDY.

Below are some examples of obstacles that you will face.

Boot Camp

Boot camp is a tilled field covered with barbed wire attached to T-stakes and flooded to create a very muddy environment.


Walk the Plank

A 24 foot long plank protruding at a slight uphill angle that mimics the old pirate walk the plank concept. The plank is a 24 foot long board propped up by a simple wall.

SEAL Swim to Lakewalk

The SEAL swim is a 50 yard swim that ends at the shoreline and requires participants to  wade through waist high water.

Mud Wall

Mud wall is a 6 foot tall by 10 foot wide wall built in a cattle pond


Lily Pads

Lily pads are an 8’x8’ platform floating on top of two kayaks and spaced every 4 feet. The object is to jump between the pads without falling off. We will have 15 pads


Six 32”x 20’ culvert pipes will be placed on the bank of the third cattle pond. The mouth of the pipe will be half submerged to give people a more intense experience.

Giants Ladder

This is the way into Fort Smith its 16’ wide and built with 3/8 cable and 4”x4”x8 landscape logs. 

Rope/ring transfer

Participants climb up one side transfer on the gymnastic ring and climb down the other side. This is the way out of Fort Smith.





Herndon is a 16 foot wide linoleum surface that is placed over a section of almost vertical terrain and then greased with Crisco. The challenge is to get up the incline. Most people will have to use their teammates to make it to the top.

Death March

A 1.5 mile hike with almost 800 feet of elevation gain.

Great Walls

At the top of the Death March participants get no rest. Instead they have to climb over two 8 foot walls and one 6 foot tall wall.

Indie Swing

Swing across trout creek where the Cross Country Race course bridge is.


Water Wrangler

This obstacle is located at the Cabin pond and is built using 55 gallon drums lashed together.


Hay Bale Hell

Immediately after the water wrangler participants have to climb up the steep hill over rows of straw bales staked on top of each other and arranged into obstacles that have to be maneuvered around and climbed over. All the while water is being sprayed on people by Clint’s water truck.


Weave in and out or scramble over the top.



Guerilla Bars

40 foot long parallel bars that span one of the cattle ponds.




A 100 foot waterslide set that ends in the cattle pond. Water is pumped up the hill via trash pump.

Kong Roll

Each team must roll a 55 gallon drum up the hill. At the top of the hill a volunteer will send it down the return cute. The walls are made with t-stakes and snow fencing and the bottom of the return chute is padded with hay bales.


Slide for life and Rope Bridge

Participants climb up on the structure and then slide down into the pond only to climb up and walk across the rope bridge.


Monkey Bars

3.5 inch pipe attached to two trees at 6 feet on the starting side and at 12 feet at the finish  three sets of monkey bars are suspended between the two points and across a field of poison oak.  When people get to the other side they climb down the ropes.

Frog Hill

Reminiscent of BUD’s this super steep hill will challenge anyone and everyone.

Mekong Delta

A long crawl/hurdle obstacle through a large irrigation ditch.

Fire in the Hole

Rows of fire built using burn pile sticks and duraflame logs. Water Truck must be on site for this obstacle.

Water Extraction

Four lanes connecting to a central floating dock that participants have to climb up and over then jump back into the lake and swim the rest of the way.

12 foot wall

A 12 foot x 24 foot wall with ropes to assist in climbing over the top.

For more information or to sign up visit the Mud Mash Website