Commit to Fit | Week 5

Author | Commit to Fit 2012 Winner, Karl Mason

As I finish up week 5 of the Commit to Fit program, I think since I was expecting a more drastic change, I have missed more subtle changes happening. I know that changes are happening. I can feel them. I had to make a new hole in my belt to tighten it. Some of the flab under my arms has begun to tighten up as I develop muscle and I think I have found my biceps or tricep? – finally!

I can cruise the Castro without tiring and now the heavy breathing is not due to walking! I have more energy. My mid–section spare tire has not deflated like I hoped it would have by this point and I am still pear shaped. That’s ok though.  It’s as though my mind’s eye and my true vision are not one in the same sometimes. It’s interesting how you can picture yourself or what is happening in your life much differently than other people do – and sometimes the small details are missed when the picture gets too complicated.

I made a vow to myself on Monday to conquer certain things at the gym by the end of April. I want to be able to complete 4 sets of 10 reps on the EFI Total gym machine, which causes me the most struggle. I told Mike about it and he seemed happy at my resolve. On Thursday, I was able to complete 2 sets of 10 reps, a set of 7 and then a set a 4. I started to really get wrapped up in my own mind about this but then I stopped, took a deep belly breath and for the first time, I wasn’t as frustrated as usual not being able to complete the 40 reps. It was the first time I completed 2 full sets – a small success but a success none the less. A small rose. Push-ups and pull ups are another area I am working hard on but they are only a small thorn I need to get through but look past.

As I work out, I am continually impressed at the level of fitness so many of DIAKADI clients have – and of the caliber of character of the folks I have met. I envy them and think I’m going to be able to do what they are doing someday. Our common thread? We all are pushing ourselves – from me as newbie to the most seasoned of gym goers. It’s awesome to feel that type of energy. It’s an unseen rose to us all.  It’s motivating to me. I am even more amazed by the trainers! Trainers I have never even met before have been approaching me and encouraging me. They are positive and make me feel good to be there. I never thought I would have such a positive experience at a gym. I have not encountered this type of atmosphere of support and nurturing that DIAKADI offers at any other gym I have been too – and believe me I have tried several that just made me feel uncomfortable and bad about myself. The DIAKADI vibe I am talking about is so in my face it was subtle, something small I hadn’t noticed before but will definitely from now on. Roses and small surprises are all around me – all around us. This week I learned to appreciate the small things and stopped to smell whatever tiny roses I could and can find. Take a whiff! I am.

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