Author | Psoas co-owner Scott Schwartz

Psoas co-owner Scott Schwartz gives us great tips for stretching those overused wrists from typing, gardening, kicking ass at DIAKADI and your normal everyday use.

Who needs this exercise?    

Writers, musicians, chefs, weightlifters, desk workers. Since we all depend on our arms and hands, however, any of us will benefit from this exercise.

For the best results:

  • Start with your arm extended out in front of you and your palm facing upward.
  • Using the muscles in the back of your forearm, stretch your palm downward toward the floor.
  • While continuing to use the muscles in the stretched arm, use your other hand to receive a deeper stretch.
  • Hold this additional pressure for a second.
  • Next, with your palm still facing upward, bring your elbow in to your body at your side.
  • Repeat the same stretch, bringing your palm down toward the ground and then applying additional pressure with your other hand.
  • Finally, with your arm still at your side, make a fist by putting your thumb in your palm and curling your fingers over the thumb.
  • Turn your fist over and lift your forearm up toward the ceiling while using your fist to bend your wrist.  Hold this stretch for a few seconds, release and repeat the entire process.
  • Do this 10 times for each arm.
  • Don’t forget to breathe.

 Note: If you feel pain and/or numbness during the exercise, discontinue until checking with a professional.  

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