Commit to Fit | Week 9

Author | Commit to Fit 2012 Winner, Karl Mason

This week finds me back into the full swing of working out again with Mike at DIAKADI. Last week I worked out and completed my cardio at the small gym space in the office complex where I work. It’s free and provides a viable alternative if ever needed. Thinking back on it and excluding last week, I have not utilized the work gym except one other time in almost 5 years.

I just either forgot about it (probably on purpose) or just felt too tired or stressed to deal with it and work out during or after work. Even if I had walked on the treadmill 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week, my body would have been healthier. It’s hard to motivate alone and playing the “what if…?” game does nothing for me except makes me feel bad and/or guilty that I didn’t do it and I am trying to figure it out…and I hate those types of viscous circles.

Another thing I am trying to figure out is what to write about in these blogs….Most of my days are pretty much the same - I work, exercise, eat, shower, try to watch some tween show like Vampire Diaries or America’s Next Top Model (UFC or Sons of Anarchy if I am feeling more butch that day) and go to bed. Repeat. Boring. Another viscous cycle. Sometimes, as witnessed in past blogs, I have some mental revelation which makes me feel great and which I immediately apply to my life or it becomes one of those “A-Ha” moments. Over the next few weeks, I am going to make some serious attempts to break out of my own personal viscous cycle of boredom and sameness of routine – maybe a hike outside of SF, try a new farmer’s market, create a new healthy dish, buy some new jeans, make a new friend….I will let everyone know what happens….until then, I wonder “What if I….” but from a more positive and creative place in my being.