The board under your feet, sea spray in your face, tearing across the bay as you harness the wind with your kite. That’s right my friends we are talking kite boarding! This fairly new sport, created in the 80’s by two Frenchmen, is a great way to get outside, burn some calories and have a blast learning a new skill. A great way to get started with tackling this new activity would be to take lessons from Captain John with Kite the Bay. With an in-depth knowledge of kite surfing and life on the water, Captain John is the perfect teacher to ensure that you learn and enjoy your time on the board.

Below see his beginner's special.

Fly & Ride Intro:

If you’re curious about the sport and want to check it out, then click the link below for more information. This 1 day/3 hour session introduces you to the sport’s two main components: board riding and kite flying. The KitePole pulls you up and across the water on a kiteboard as you lean back in your harness. Flying a full-size, 4-line kite, you dictate the kite’s movements and work with the wind. Lastly, you go through a self-rescue procedure. In the end, you have developed new skills and a clearer understanding of the sport.

One 3-Hour Session (1 Day Course) $385.

Below see Captain John teaching a student.