DIAKADI Health Practitioner Name | Kanako Kobayashi, Nutrition Consultant I bring a compassionate and gentle approach to assist you on your journey to finding your ultimate healthy and radiant self.

I have been passionately exploring the ingredients to my own health and wellness for the last seven years.  I began this journey because I was feeling as if a cloud of nagging symptoms was hanging over my head and no matter what I did, nothing helped.  I wanted to take my health into my own hands.  This has lead me down many paths of learning and exploring what it means to be truly healthy, and has ultimately lead me to an abundant feeling of well being, and reclaiming my own power and vitality.

Areas of Speciality

  1. Nutrition Consulting
  2. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
  3. Metabolic Typing
  4. Customized whole food supplements and herbs
  5. Digestive Issues
  6. Detoxification
  7. Natural Pain Reduction
  8. Hormonal Isssues
  9. Immune Support

As a holistic nutrition consultant and a lover of food, I can help you find your unique, delicious, and metabolically balanced diet; the most profound building blocks to health and wellness.

As a holistic lifestyle coach, I can help you utilize sleep, hydration, breath, movement and spirituality to discover the life you always dreamed of.

I am also a practitioner of AIT (Acupoint Integrative Technique), used to identify nutritional, hormonal, visceral, and digestive imbalances in your body.  I then create a customized whole food supplement protocol to bring about profound changes from the inside out.

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