DIAKADI Health Practitioner Name | Tara Rota Tara Rota began her career as an exercise physiologist 15 years ago, managing exercise programs for physical therapy patients. In 2000, she opened her own personal training business and began working with clients holistically in 2005. Rather than focusing solely on a standard exercise program, Tara also pays close attention to a client's lifestyle, nutrition, hydration, workload, stress levels, sleep quality, down time and thought patterns.


1. Postural Correction & Restorative Exercise 2. Functional Training & Primal Patterns 3. Pre & Post Pregnancy Fitness 4. Nutrition for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding 5. Back Care 6. Core Conditioning 7. Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching 8. Metabolic Typing

Tara conducts personalized assessments with each client before designing a training program. A movement and flexibility assessment determines areas in need of strengthening and stretching. A food log helps clients evaluate and improve their nutritional intake. A Metabolic Typing Questionnaire identifies a client's genetic dietary requirements and determines the levels of carbohydrates, fat and protein specific to each metabolic type. Finally, a Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaire examines a client's food habits, stress levels, digestive function, detoxification systems, and sleep/wake cycles.

Understanding the interrelatedness of all of these factors, Tara helps clients make long-term lifestyle changes and achieve a level of vitality that enables them to achieve their goals.

Degrees and Certifications B.S. Exercise and Sport Science CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 CHEK Exercise Coach CHEK Practitioner Level 1 NASM Certified Personal Trainer Nutrition and Detoxification - 100 hours of continuing education Student : CHEK Personal Professional & Spiritual  Master

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