Get ready for another annual DIAKADI Outdoor Workout Series! We will be heading over to the National Fitness Campaign’s new fitness court to test our boundaries and have some fun kicking ass.


July 28th Taught by DIAKADI Trainer Elaine Williams

August 4th Taught by DIAKADI Trainer Sotera Gacad-Cowan

August 11th Taught by DIAKADI Trainer Elaine Williams

August 18th Taught by DIAKADI Owner and Trainer Billy Polson

Time: 10:00 am    

Location: NFC Marina Court on Marina Boulevard and Webster Street

Cost: Free


Each course will be taught by a different DIAKADI trainer to give you a variation of styles and energy to get you going in the morning. The court itself is a beautiful silver and blue exercise jungle gym where you can push, pull, squat, strengthen your core and even work on your agility! Clients range from young to old, with males, females, athletes and beginners. DIAKADI’s outdoor workouts aim at teaching clients instead of breaking them down.

The NFC (National Fitness Campaign) invented the Fitness Court in 1979. Over the next seven years the campaign opened more than 10,000 Fitness Courts in cities and towns all across America. In 2010, the original founder, Mitch Menaged, returned to reimagine the campaign with leading designers and fitness innovators. By promoting this new court, the campaign hopes to build additional courts throughout the city!

Driving? You can find numerous parking garages in the Marina or check out this cool website to find convenient street parking all along the Marina.