Commit to Fit | Week 16-17

Author | Commit to Fit 2012 Winner, Karl Mason

I finally did it. I broke down and bought a pair of Levis. You may remember I am saving for a pair of Jordache jeans – A friend said he read that particular blog and needed to respond to me to tell me as soon as possible that I was making a mistake in choosing Jordache as my jean of choice. He emphatically stated that the jean I needed could come only from Sergio Valiente because the “V” embroidered on each back pocket would much better accentuate my newly defined ass. Food for thought my friend! – but I needed an everyday pair as I lose weight. I headed to Big & Tall and hoped it was my last trip there.

The experience was actually fun. In March I was wearing waist 58. I took a few sizes into the dressing room, waist sizes 52, 50 and 48. 52 fit looser than I imagined. No. 50 was great and seemed perfect. Yes.  I tried on the 48 and thought Damn, I need to celebrate and go drinking – 48 fit! I said “Yes!” to myself out loud. The sales person knocked on my dressing room door and asked me if everything was alright since she just heard me make a loud noise.  I laughed and assured her all was ok. I did tell her that I was happy I could button my new jeans and breathe! She walked away. I then thought that after one wash, I would not be able to wear them for another month or 2 maybe and it would be a waste. I decided on 50 but still knew I could fit into 48. 58 to 48. I was tripping in the dressing room. How could I ever stop what I am doing in working out and eating better than I ever have? I wouldn’t. For the first time in many years I felt alive. More importantly, I felt hopeful and looked forward to what will continue in the future on my journey.

Still surfing that wave of happiness, I decided I was going to take advantage of more of the happenings around SF, explore the city and start living! One of my closest friends, B, and I went to First Friday on 24th, Mission District Street Festival  food and art crawl, where the businesses and galleries on 24th between Mission/Potrero stay open later on the first Friday of each Summer month; restaurants offer specials,  a few different groups perform live music on the street, street performers entertain with puppets or hula hoops  and the highlight is a sort of low-rider cruise procession down 24th culminating in everyone parking on the same block to show their rides. The atmosphere was festive. We met some artists and had some great treats. The low-riders rocked and each was distinctive and had its own flare. A few even did that hydraulic lift bounce. People were snapping photos and everyone on the streets smiled. The music floated around us and seemed to really bring everyone together. We were a community in that given moment. I especially appreciated experiencing it with B and wondered why I hadn’t made more of an effort before. I let that thought disappear.  It was a night I was stepping out of the past into the future and continued to enjoy the evening in my new Levis….