Having trouble finding gluten free food? Here is the solution to your problem - A gluten free grocery store located in the heart of China Basin catering to all your gluten free needs. Simply put, their mission as a dedicated gluten-free grocery store is to provide you with nutritious and delicious foods from around the world at an excellent price point. In keeping with their mission to serve their gluten-free communities, they are constantly on the search locally and globally to source gluten free healthy delectables.

Okay, they do have quite the cookie and chocolate selection. Now off set those sweet treats with their wonderful selection of quinoa, millet, amaranthm (a plant with both edible leaves and seeds), and buckwheat flours, beet/sauerkraut Juices and pro-biotic sauerkrauts.

They also offer one of the largest selections of both kosher and Lebanese gluten free food … now that is a border crossing! Try the thick, creamy Byblos Lebni with Bay Area honey and Nana Joe's granola for any meal any time. They currently offer, no kidding, over 1300 food options to choose from in their light and artistic music filled environment. They would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact their team at the Gluten Free Grocery.

Phone |  415.626.3733

Location | 600 Illinois or shop on line at