Presented by DIAKADI Trainer Nate Miyaki DIAKADI is proud to welcome one of its own to discuss his powerful new book The Fat Loss Consultant on developing your best personal nutrition in this age of mixed messages and the crazy schedules of today's professionals.

Join Nate in learning about the best strategies to get and stay fit by fueling your body, not destroying it.

Oh I know we all admit that we are intelligent beings; yet, I wonder how many of us have gone through some sort of self-inquiries and/or self-examining of all these ready-made facts or truths that are crammed down our throats ever since we acquired the capacity and the sensibility to learn…Read all kinds of books of man — the central themes, the styles, the advantages, the disadvantages…self-education makes great men – Bruce Lee
The Fat Loss Consultant: Functional Fat Loss Plans for Busy Professionals
With late night deadlines, long business trips, and corporate pressure, does your health profile look like a corpse-in-waiting?  Has your six-pack turned into a keg?  Has that daily muffin turned into a permanent muffin top hanging over your bikini bottoms?  Has the…OK, OK, you get the point!
Now that you’ve made the decision to trim the fat, where do you turn for guidance?  The main problem is that most of the nutrition information out there is written WITHOUT keeping the specific demands and obstacles of the busy professional in mind.  The Fat Loss Consultant (2012) was designed to help solve this problem.  It combines convenient, flexible, and sustainable diet plans with real world practical application strategies to help busy professionals lose fat, improve health, and overcome their most common dieting roadblocks.
Fat Loss Consultant

DATE | Saturday, September 8th, 2012

TIME | Noon - 1 PM

FEE | FREE - Open to DIAKADI Family and Public


Please feel free to invite your friends wanting to improve their nutrition and fitness life.


The Fat Loss Consultant includes:
  • A variety of diet options based on individual situations: The Sedentary Caveman’s Plan, The Functional Three: The Business & Socially Friendly Diet, and The On-the-Go Intermittent Fasting Option.
  • Food charts, shopping lists, and sample diets.
  • Valuable lessons from Paleo Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Fitness Nutrition, and traditional cultural diets like The Japanese Village-style Diet.
  • Shopping tips, food prep tips, and strategies at the office or on the road to make healthy eating more convenient.
  • Practical tools like “the restaurant rotation” and “the low-carb compromise” that will allow you to stay on a fat loss plan anywhere — from fast food to fine dining.
  • Guidelines for busy professional danger zones — morning coffee stops to business/social drinking nights.
  • Targeted strategies to overcome the most common psychological roadblocks.
  • A Coach’s edition with resources, references, and links to supporting studies on every individual topic.

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