Commit to Fit | Week 25-28

Author | Commit to Fit 2012 Winner, Karl Mason

My last weigh-in on 09.22.12 brought me down to 282.8lbs, another five gone for a total of 45lbs., but I’ve lost more since then working towards my next goal stage of 275lbs. During these past weeks Sarah, Mike, Billy and I met at the Eating Free Offices to discuss what has worked and what has not worked from each of our perspectives during the past 6 months of the program. I can’t believe it has been six months already. We also looked towards the upcoming six months and to the end of the CTF program in March 2013, laying out an action plan and what it would take it get me there. We changed my workouts to the afternoons to better accommodate my stressful work schedule, reconfirmed my eating plan and agreed that my communication with Sarah and Mike was key. We all vowed the next six months would be even more successful than the previous six months.

Most importantly at the meeting, I re-affirmed my dedication to making the most of the remainder of this awesome opportunity. One way to accomplish that was to set limits for myself, especially at work. I knew this would allow me to better balance my work and personal lives into one complete healthier life. I have not been so successful in that department previously but that was going to improve and changes were already being made. Mike, Sarah and Billy encouraged me to reach out to them if I ever felt I was stumbling physically and/or mentally. I promised I would. Overall the meeting was positive and I felt good afterwards. I kept telling myself I can DO THIS! DO IT! For the most part, I have been able to do it but have had a couple of stumbles. It is a challenge and I decided it called for a daily reminder which I have put into practice religiously. I was never a practitioner of positive affirmations but it works. At the beginning of each work day, the first thing I write down in my day-planner is: “My life is worth it! I am worth it! Remember your limits!”…and I do remember because it is too easy to forget and no one else is going to remind you. Not only do I remember it, I now believe it for the first time in over 35 years.

Two weeks after the meeting I went to Seattle and used the trip as part of this balancing program. The first happy moment of the trip happened on the plane when for the first time in over two years I didn’t have to ask for a seat belt extension and even had extra room in my seat. There was no feelings of embarrassment and no fear of not fitting in the seat or of crowding my seat-mate. I was no longer a special needs flyer. A small but significant detail I fully appreciated and relished. A good beginning to the trip. The trip was a much needed and welcomed break from San Francisco. I was able to re-group mentally and it allowed me to assess life over the past several months. I connected with a good friend, spending an afternoon together. I had the fortunate opportunity to visit the Chihuly Glass and Garden exhibition which showcases Chihuly’s works. As a collector of glass, the exhibit was a visual orgasm of color, technique and creativity.  I felt inspired about my own journey, likening my own transformation to an art project. I thought about how I am re-creating my body through nutrition and fitness. I decided I am a living work of art in progress. I know I’m pushing the analogy here but I appreciate the indulgence. I was so enthralled by the show that I almost purchased a piece of glass at the shop at the end but decided my landlord wouldn’t appreciate that and got a book instead…maybe one day a piece of Chihuly glass will be mine but I was happy I was owning my self-esteem and feeling positive about myself, finding my value as an adult man getting in shape.

I hiked around Seattle about 15 miles total over two-and-a half days. At one point on the Saturday afternoon I was there, I had this adrenaline rush and realized I had  was hiking for almost 3 hours and covered over 8 miles. Was I hydrated? I was reminded of Sarah’s reminder to me about the importance of keeping hydrated in whatever I was doing. I needed some water but I was also in some kind of zone that was unfamiliar to me but euphoric. I wasn’t having difficulty breathing, all those squats incorporated into my work out were paying off, and I thought I could go on the rest of the day. My Saturday hike route ended at  Pike’s Market, the public market on the water. I got water and savored the energy of the market and marveled at the many stalls of fresh produce, seafood and flowers, not to mention of all the different people bustling around. I enjoyed a basket of blackberries and some fresh crab and felt deeply satisfied and content for the first times since I could remember in a long time. I was experiencing the world with a different and improved vision. I returned to San Francisco refreshed in sprit, confident of my journey and remembering I’m worth it and can only take full advantage of life one day at a time in order to achieve sustainable success and happiness. This all seems to be fitting into the action plan…