Trainers! Make sure you register for these two awesome continuing education courses coming in February! These classes DO count towards CEU’s for NASM and NSCA trainers and will give you great tools to continue to bring the best training programs to your clients.

Topic 1 | The Myofascial System: Impact on Movement

Date: Saturday, March 2nd FULL

Topic 2 | Training and Evolutions in Biomechanics

Date: Sunday, March 3rd

Time: 9am - 5pm both days. 

Location: DIAKADI

Fee: DIAKADI Trainers | $180 for a single course or $320 for both.

       Community Trainers | $225 for a single course or $410 for both.

CEUs: Approximately 0.8 CEUs per class for NASM and NSCA

REGISTER BY NOV 2  | Deposit Required 50% Nonrefundable

TOPIC 1: The Myo-Fascial System: Impact on Movement and Training

It has long been thought that muscles are the only relevant system creating movement, the only regulator for tension. "Strengthen the muscular system if you want to jump higher, prevent knee injury, or move quicker," is a highly common belief.

But a new thought is emerging, one that is based heavily on new biomechanical research on the most efficacious ways to train.  Michol will describe the hidden influence of the fascial system in detail, and show how to properly train and condition it using the latest exercises and methodologies.

TOPIC 2: Evolutions in Biomechanics 

Much of what we have learned in traditional biomechanics studies cannot fully explain why we move the way we do. Conventional theories simply cannot accurately describe the way our bodies deal with mechanical forces. A new, emerging philosopy of biomechanics more accurately explains how we are designed.  In this workshop, Michol will take you through this new concept using hands-on applications.  You will see the body differently after this workshop, and how you train will be significantly changed.  Topics for this session will include:

  • Tensegrity - How the body truly dissipates forces
  • Pre-stress - Why we are stable
  • Myo-fascial anatomy
  • Integrated training concepts

Michol Dalcourt's Story

Michol Dalcourt was raised on a farm in rural Canada, far from the cities where most Canadian boys grew up vying for top spots on their local hockey teams, watching their idols Saturday nights on "Hockey Night in Canada."

While those boys were glued to their televisions, Michol was ending a long day of chores on the farm taking care of animals and crops. But Michol did not long for the life he knew so many other boys lived throughout Canada. He was unique in that he relished being surrounded by nature and in working the land. He was constantly curious and forever asking questions about how things worked.

Inspired by "Life," Constantly Curious

Michol's insatiable curiosity about human design and movement set him on a path towards medical school.

One day, while in a cadaver dissection class in university, Michol was assigned to take a look at what a person's body looks like after years of chronic disease and physical strain.

Michol remembers realizing that he could continue on a path towards a career in medicine that would focus on "curing" a person after disease and other ailments had set in, or he could learn to teach people to move better, live better, and use their bodies in a form true to nature's inherently brilliant design.

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