Gilda's Secret Garden Flavor This blend will give you the double antioxidants you are looking for. Pomegranate fruit flavors have been added to super strength South African Rooibos for an ultimate sweet herbal blend that is all natural and good for you too.

About Leland Tea

Established in 2005 , Leland Tea was started by tea lovers who envisioned a comfortable, friendly, casual environment for all people. We value community and we wanted people to feel at ease with tea. We feel that tea should be relaxing and personal, make it anything you want it to be. There are no expectations or pretentiousness with our way of doing business. We want you to feel welcomed.  We invite you to share your most cherished events in life with us.

Meet the Owner: William Otero. 

At the Leland Tea Company, my staff and I welcome you to try the Loose Leaf Tea Bar, open the canisters, smell, feel, experience the tea in all its beauty.

We believe that each person knows what they like. Our mantra is that 'the only person that needs to like your tea is you', not us, not an 'expert', but you.

That is why you can feel comfortable trying something unusual, outrageous, and uniquely you. We are happy to custom label your tea creation with your name, friend or family name, or even label it with that secret code that only you and your special someone know about.

Stop by and enjoy what fantastic, personal tea has to offer.

'Leland Tea Company: Casual, everyday tea that is not your everyday experience'