We have some truly amazing clients and trainers that work with us day in and day out. As they tackle their goals, see change and grow, they often tell us their story. Here are just a few. Brian Espinoza | Trainer: Ryan Allen

Brian has lost 10% body fat equaling 27 lbs and gained 4.5 lb of muscle! All of which is beyond typical change in body composition within a 7 month period.

Brian made big, healthy changes to his diet, exercise routines and lifestyle choices. All of Brian's changes are sustainable without sacrificing quality of life which is key for a father of two.Congrats Brian and Ryan!

Karl Mason | Trainer: Mike Clausen

Karl, our 2012 Commit to Fit Winner, is down another 7 lbs bringing his total weight loss to 52 lbs to date in 6 months. He told us, "I was never a practitioner of positive affirmations but it works. At the beginning of each work day, the first thing I write down in my day-planner is: “My life is worth it! I am worth it! Remember your limits!” Follow Karl's journey on DIAKADI's Blog.

Shannon Stairhime | Trainer: Polina Smith

Ten months ago Shannon Stairhime said to her trainer, Polina Smith, "I don't have the motivation to exercise and I don't run."  Today, she exercises 6 days a week, has lost over 15 lbs and is about to run her 3rd running race in 5 months -- and this last one is a 10k in South Africa!

Follow Shannon's journey on Tumblr.

Trainer Tom Armenta

Tom visited the Osho Meditation Center in Prune, India in September. He told us, "I was about to turn 40 years old and decided that it was now or never and that this was the perfect time to give myself the gift of a lifetime.  I wanted tools to welcome this next chapter in my life. I got tools and so much more!"

Dynamic meditations get your body moving in ways you would never imagine. Doing so keeps you in amazing shape physically and especially mentally. The process was so powerful that Tom now meditates daily.

Jonathon Gunderson | Trainer: Josh Moberg

Ultramarathoner Jonathan Gunderson grabbed 3rd place and a new personal record at the Firetrails 50 this past October. Congrats, Jonathan!

Trainer Corey Dean
Congrats to Corey on launching a new fitness tool called the Dyna Hammer. This piece uses patented spring core technology to create explosive reactive training. Just a few exercises performed with the Dyna Hammer include hammer swings, wood chops, overhead presses, and lunges with rotation.
Learn more information and see DIAKADI trainers in action with the Dyna Hammer on Facebook.