We hope you enjoy this months tea of the month from T-We Tea! Hand picked flavors blend to take your taste-buds on a tea journey to relaxation and zen. Go ahead, forget about work, forget about traffic and de-stress with a delicious cup of tea and a DIAKADI workout. Some combinations just seem "meant to be".

Company Description:
T-We Tea is a San Francisco based blender of artisan teas and tisanes.  Founded in 2010 upon three guiding principles of Truth, Beauty, and Community, T-We Tea aims to empower a community of tea drinkers to seek beauty in this world together through the ritual of tea.
We source single origin teas and blend them by hand without the addition of flavor additives.  From Madame Morocco (green tea with Oregon peppermint and rose) to Hipsters in Wonderland (carrot jasmine green tea) to BiCurious George (black tea with hand crushed coffee beans and coffee cherry), we have created an eclectic family of unique tea offerings that change how we view our daily cuppa tea.
Opening our first storefront in the heart of the Financial District, the T-We Tea Pop at Crocker Galleria offers tea fans a colorful and whimsically interactive experience with our hand crafted blends and unique tea wares.  Come and sip tea, take a DIY tea blending workshop, and brush up on your malicious gossip at our T-We Kiki cocktail parties.  It is quite the fun space!
Tea Description of You're Welcome:IMG_1899
  • You're Welcome, "A Confident Tea Blend for the Productive Dreamer."
  • Ingredients - Chinese Fujian white peony tea, California Orange Slices, ginger root.