Are you experiencing frequent low back, shoulder or neck pain? Do you have questions about your posture or concerns about the best way to correct it?

The DIAKADI Posture Clinic will walk you through a series of tests for postural deviations and muscle imbalances in the spine, pelvis and shoulders, then, provide you with suggested exercises or stretches for restoring proper alignment to your joints and body.

Date: Saturday, June 1st

Time: 9:30 – 10: 30am



Parking Tips

fitGLENfit does not have a parking lot, but there are 280 parking spots on the street within a few blocks radius of the gym. There is metered parking and some off-street parking available. Be sure to note the street signs as the off-street parking is permitted.

Additional topics for discussion will include:

  • Warning signs, short and long-term effects of improper posture
  • Joint pain reduction and elimination
  • Holistic considerations for maintaining good posture
  • How proper posture can enhance muscle development for athletes and body builders
  • Homework: Daily exercises and stretches
  • Ergonomics (work, car, home)
  • Injury prevention

Billy Polson is the founder and owner of the award winning DIAKADI Fitness Performance Life training center in San Francisco and he is excited to bring the DIAKADI Posture Clinic to Fit Glen Fit. Billy was named by Men’s Journal Magazine as one of the Top 100 Trainers in America, as well as one of the Top 10 Trainers in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Chronicle. Peers and other fitness professionals look to him as the fitness advisor to several national health organizations. All with good reason – Billy devotes his own life and energy towards helping others learn how to live the strong, healthy, comfortable and happy life they were meant to live.