Author | DIAKADI Client and Life Coach Allegra Lucas

Spring brings out energy of renewal, rebirth, fertility and creation. This is an excellent time to take note of what is useful and supportive to our highest selves while we consider what we may want to let go of. When starting spring-cleaning there are multiple categories of debris to consider: Clothing, Crap in the Fridge and Karmic Congestion.

Fashion Plate or Out of Date?

 I find it to be a good practice to perform semiannual closet maintenance. I thumb through my clothing item by item and eliminate everything that doesn’t fit or reflect who I am currently embodying. As a rule, pitch it if it hasn’t seen the light of day for over a year. There are a few exceptions though. Anything that can catapult you into another time or dimension such as the 1950’s pink tool prom dress, the purple tutu made of 1980’s neckties, or the fur lined six -inch platforms are always in my vault. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces add character and definition to your self-expressive palette.


This type of textile purge can bring up a lot of thoughts and feelings about who you are, who you were, and who you want to be.  Areas of struggle are usually the items that scream, “Hey! You’ve changed.” Like the early millennium pair of Mudd Flare Jeans that made your twenty one year old ass touch the sky, the wet seal baby tee that landed just above your belly piercing or your ex- boyfriend’s smelly black Joy Division T-shirt…Let. It. Go!!!

Letting go of what WAS allows us to embrace what IS.  We also want to create space for what you want to manifest going forward. If you want to move up in your job then perhaps you might want to let go of some of your more casual attire and make space for some professional threads.  The inverse is true as well. If you are a workaholic and you’ve been envisioning a vacation, then maybe letting go of some of your power suits might create space for a sundress or a pair of linen pants.

 This act can be very liberating and stimulating to your imagination. This is an exercise about creation of self.  Obviously change comes from within, but it doesn’t hurt to influence change from the outside as well. Visit your local Buffalo Exchange and win some extra cash! Have a clothing swap with friends or donate your threads to the charity of your choice! Experience the spaciousness of letting go, feel the openness, hang out in the void a while, then tap into the source and carve out the reality that you desire.

What’s in the Fridge? Sci–Fi or Sustenance

 Take stock of what’s been building up in your refrigerator, chances are it’s the same stuff that’s building up in your Colon.  Coming out of winter there is an excess of carbs and sugars that offered us comfort through the holidays. Sure we needed that extra layer of insulation! But as the spring months roll around you may notice slightly lower energy and general fatigue.

A good shift might start with getting rid of the dead stuff, any science experiments like moldy hummus or oddly tangy salsa and anything in a to-go container. Try replacing your Thai takeout and old burrito balls with fresh produce from the farmers market. I love making home cooked meals in the early evening with the late days sun shining on me through the blinds. I like to infuse my meals with some Miles Davis and the prime ingredient…love.

 I live alone but I am blessed to share a charming 1920’s  three-story building with an amazing community of creative folk. We share meals with one another. I leave bowls of pea soup on my neighbor’s doorstep and I come home to organic raw smoothies in mason jars on my back porch. This spring try to bring back the idea that food is more than what we eat, its how we live, it’s how we cultivate community and bond with our chosen families.

Karmic Clean-Up On Isle 7!!!

One of the best ways to conduct a deep cleaning of your soul is to take a moment to reflect on the relationships in your life, notice who you surround yourself by.  If your friends are your mirrors do you like what you see? Have you taken time out from your daily chaos to touch base with the ones you love? Have you expressed gratitude to those who support, inspire, and ad value to your experience? Is there someone new that you are curious about? Karmic Clean Up is about turning over the soil, fertilizing seeds of change and relishing the beauty of your life’s bloom.

 A healthy practice is to take a minute to examine if there is anything stale weighing on your heart to investigate if our own behavior has fallen short of highest vision of self. If you are human than chances are this is true for you. One of the most powerful exercises in humility for me has been about admitting my wrongs and repairing relationships when possible. Maybe I was snappy with Aunt Sally at dinner last Tuesday. Perhaps I have had Tammie’s favorite sweater for months and owe her a phone call. What about being consistently tardy to work? Or the usual rush hour road rage tantrum? Are you sitting on a lie that’s burning you up?


Come Clean. Call Aunt Sally, work it out, speak from love and act out of kindness. Holding Tammie’s sweater hostage? Return it…clean…with a thank you note. Try leaving ten minutes earlier for work. Let someone in front of you on the road once in a while. Allow yourself to be reborn this season! Practice a repair or try a new behavior for at least 7 days. Observe internal shifts and the positive external repercussions. Watch your love and kindness go viral! We all have access to bliss. As you are cleaning house, containing your clutter, cooking soul feasts and dusting off your dirty deeds, remember that through the shadows there is indefinitely light. Live out your full spectrum of potential! We are all on our way and surely we will all get to shine… in our own sweet time.

About Allegra Lucas

At SoulSpectrum Coaching, Allegra Lucas provides coaching services to individuals and groups who are focused on improving their quality of life.  Allegra is skilled in assisting clients with a variety of life transitions. She specializes in the cultivation of work life balance. In a work driven culture, Allegra believes that there is a distinct need for guidance and support in this area. Our careers often become our whole identities but by nature we are multifaceted and contain many layers.