In 2004, when DIAKADI first opened, a young student named Gina Gutierrez, working on her Master's degree at USF in Sports and Athletic Management, applied to be one of the two initial front desk staff at DIAKADI. Little did we realize that Gina would go on to become one of the integral parts of the success of our facility, staff, trainers and even our clients, as well as becoming an adopted 'sister' for DIAKADI owners Billy and Mike.

After serving as a front desk assistant for 2 years, Gina graduated into the role of the DIAKADI General Manager for the past 7 years, directing all staff and interns while handling the coordination of a large variety of projects ranging from the management of facility upgrade construction, the development of new trainer education programs including one-on-one work on marketing and new business development for trainers, heading up the rebranding of DIAKADI Body into DIAKADI Fitness Performance Life (logo, look, website, blog), and most recently leading our team throughout our lease renewal, budgeting and forecasting work for 2014.

DIAKADI would not be the leading facility that it is today without the incredible work and love that Gina has for her work. Consequently, we are excited to announce that Gina will now hold the title of Associate Partner and General Manager of DIAKADI.

Congratulations Gina and thank you for your continued dedication to making DIAKADI the outstanding facility and home base for all of your peers, co-workers, clients and 'family'.