Here at DIAKADI we are constantly trying to give our readers the best fitness tips and secrets we possibly can. This blog post we decided to invite our trainers to give one fitness tip each that they believe is the best and most sustainable way of pursuing the fitness lifestyle. Now we do not expect that you can use ALL of these tips at one time but maybe pick three to five that are your favorite and try implementing them one week at a time. Then when you feel comfortable with those, pick a few more and before you know it you will be enjoying the rewards of your fit lifestyle. Question | If you could only give one tip on how to make and keep exercise and healthy living a consistent part of your clients’ lives when they are not with you (or for people that don’t have a trainer and must do it on their own), what would that tip be?


Trainer Jon De La Torre: Just keep on keepin on! Consistency is the key. Even if you have one bad day, get back on that horse and start that “healthy streak again”!

Trainer Ryan Allen: Find an enjoyable way of doing it. Choose a class you like to get started or create a playlist of motivational music you love and workout to that. Take note of each time you make progress and set new goals from them.

Trainer Lynne Anderson: Walk, walk and walk. Manage your portions!

Trainer Chelsea Perramond: Accomplish your workout first thing in the morning. Make it part of your life like brushing your teeth. It’s a necessity. This might equate to rising before everyone else.

Trainer Shelby Jacquez: Fitness is goal oriented, and once a fitness goal is achieved another one should be waiting in the wings. If you find that your workouts become uninspiring and you feel like they are a chore rather than a welcome gift I suggest trying something new and look into a group fitness class. Classes can keep both your fitness goals and excitement towards wellness fresh and fun.

Trainer Chris Dovale: Be consistent and create new habits. It really is about adopting a lifestyle that will make you a happier person in the long run. Try picking events that are in the near future as motivation to use to reach your fitness goals such as a reunion or trip to a place where you will spend lots of time on the beach.

Trainer Jake Tipane:The most important compound of healthy living is finding activities you enjoy more often and trying new things to keep it fresh.

Trainer Cristian Luecke: Fitness is a lifestyle where you are never truly "done". Once you accomplish one goal push yourself and set another! Perhaps instead of losing a certain fat percentage or reaching bench press personal record, perhaps set a goal of learning to play a sport or something to keep you engaged and active even when not in the gym. Learn to love being active in all aspects of your life.

When it comes to nutrition, try to eat as little processed and sugar loaded food as possible. Eating natural food that you cook at home allows you to control what goes into your food and allows you to limit the processed ingredients. The biggest thing though, is to educate yourself about nutrition. Knowledge is power!

Trainer Sean O’Brien: Find an activity or form of exercise that you are passionate about and throw yourself into it. If you don't like running try strength training, if that doesn't work sign up for dance classes or join a hiking group. Still doesn't appeal to you? What about something further out on the fringes like fencing or bike polo? Keep trying different forms until you find one that speaks to you and then really invest in it.  The better you become, the more you will enjoy it and it will become less about exercise and more about something you look forward to doing that just happens to keep you fit.

If a person knows they have a hard time committing on their own, logging everything can be very helpful.  Recording all workouts and keeping an online food journal.  This will keep a persons mind focused on the task at hand and make them think about what they are doing.

Trainer and Owner of DIAKADI Billy Polson: If you enjoy working out and love the way you feel or look after it, then you will crave the workout. If you villianize it and think of it as a chore, no matter how good you feel from the exercise, it will always be a chore left at the bottom of your to do list.

So I recommend:

(1) ENJOY IT: Find something that you enjoy doing that makes you feel happy and good, both while you are doing it as well as afterwards.  There are TONS of different options when it comes to movement and exercise. Be creative.

(2) SCHEDULE IT:  Schedule in your calendar daily/weekly as a priority commitment that does not get pushed down the list. Make yourself accountable to this in some way... a friend, co-worker, trainer, spouse.

(3) KNOW EXACTLY WHY:  Give yourself an exact, focused goal of 'Why' you are working out and put this reason somewhere that you see it every day. I find that the more exact the reason, the easier it is to relate to process of getting there. Maybe include a motivation picture with the goal.  Good Example: Lose 10 lbs by Beach Vacation. Poor Example: Lose some weight.

(4) RESPECT THE PRIVILEGE:   Along with looking at your goal every day, put a note reminding you that having the ability, time and resources to workout is actually a tremendous treat and privilege that you are lucky to partake in. Whether it is a power walk outside in the fresh air, body building with your favorite tunes in your ear buds, or doing an exercise class/video over the internet, remember that we are all extremely lucky to have the opportunity to move and live a healthy life. I find this just helps keep things in perspective on the tough days.

Trainer David Robinson: Find an activity you like doing (biking, dancing,skating). It is important to have fun!

Trainer Allan Mateo: Start out slow and pace yourself.