If we asked you to spend 2 hours without using electronics, what would you do? Having a hard time thinking of hobbies and relaxing activities that do not involve the use of a phone, computer or TV? When you have downtime at work or home, do you immediately check your phone to find a distraction? Wish you had an extra few minutes or even hours in the day? Then a media fast is definitely recommended for you.

[youtube][/youtube] Ryan Allen of Allen Training ( felt that the news, social media, web surfing and watching TV were adding stress to his life, not enjoyment. Several of his clients felt the same way, with media overload often keeping them from making time for positive, healthy activities in their daily lives. So as an experiment, Ryan set out on a 30 day media fast, limiting his electronics use to 10 minutes a day and 2 hours of TV or movies a week. At first this presented a big challenge, but soon he began to rediscover more time for long lost hobbies such as reading, taking walks, spending more time with friends, writing and meditating. Check out this week's DIAKADI blog as Ryan and Billy Polson offer tips on how to try the 30 Day Media Fast Challenge yourself. Good luck and enjoy all the extra time you will find for living in the moment!