We hope you enjoyed part one of our DIAKADI trainers tips last week! Today we bring you the rest of the trainers tips on how to stay fit for life and catapult you in the right direction. Now we do not expect that you can use ALL of these tips at one time but maybe pick three to five that are your favorite and try implementing them one week at a time. Then when you feel comfortable with those, pick a few more and before you know it you will be enjoying the rewards of your fit lifestyle. Remember! Try NOT to get stressed out, because the last thing we want to do is have you stressed about fitness as well as the rest of what ever may be happening in your life. Enjoy part two and remember, fitness is a lifestyle! Question | If you could only give one tip on how to make and keep exercise and healthy living a consistent part of your clients’ lives when they are not with you (or for people that don’t have a trainer and must do it on their own), what would that tip be?


Trainer Darwin Ruiz: Identify your life purpose so that you can anchor your exercise and health habits to what is really driving your behaviors and habits.

Sit down and establish clear action items needed. Ultimately you can only be accountable to yourself so make a promise to yourself and follow through.

Trainer Derrick Lee: Balance out blood sugar through proper macronutrients ratios. Carbs and sugar are not bad; by themselves carbs are just as bad as excessive protein. Balanced blood sugar = 3.4 hours without getting hungry!

Trainer Sotera Gacad-Cowan: Figure out how to easily integrate healthy lifestyle aspects into your life so they almost seem seamless. Start small and build up. Competition, accountability and or a gratitude journal can all be healthy tools to motivate yourself and focus on your improvement.

Trainer Anthony Durante: Cultivate friends and environments where people are working on themselves and able to discuss values and success in a educational way.

Trainer Elaine Williams: I would encourage clients to notice how exercise is already a part of the body, because when we breathe we are exercising our bodies circulation system and nervous system and many other integrated systems of the body that regulate health and harmony. Be mindful of your breathing! Take deep breaths and notice how it will “workout” stress and tension in the body. Breathe work can improve the mental, emotional and physical states. Consistent mindfulness and breathing will play a major role in healthy living.

Trainer Ross Steiner: Make exercise and healthy living a part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth.

Trainer Christian Pitkin: I give my clients a basic routine consisting of the seven basic movements with one to two exercises per movement (Push, pull, lunge, squat, bend, rotation and gait).

Some of my clients use the jawbone wristband to track their diet, movement and sleep.

Trainer Joanna Hoch: Enjoy the fitness lifestyle and appreciate the process!