Far Leaves is about quality of life through tea. Slow down. Pay attention. Enjoy.

Far Leaves Tea is about the process of making and enjoying tea. Alone, serenity and peace come from the simple ritual of blending fire, water, leaves, and time. With people, having tea is an excellent human endeavor. While waiting for water to boil, strangers can become acquainted. While pouring, common courtesies can be afforded, and while savoring the tea, friendships begin. Anyone can become a tea master.

Company Overview

Far Leaves Tea has been serving single estate, hand-processed tea at a small tea shop in Berkeley, California since 1998. We present a wide range of teas from herbals and exotic and delicious blends to excellent greens, oolongs, blacks and aged puers.

Proprietor Donna Lo travels to Asia several times a year to locate and purchase the best green, oolong and black teas from China, Taiwan, Japan and India. She also brings in a wide selection of cups, pots and other handmade tea accessories that are needed to make tea in a Pacific Rim style.

Basing its practice on the Chinese Gongfu style of having tea, Far Leaves has added Japanese, Russian, American and other tea style to its mixture. The store in West Berkeley adds art, music and people to round out a cultural offering of tea and a line of tea cookies that are delicious and perfect with or without tea.

The customers and staff of Far Leaves enjoy the ritual of making and having tea together, and the benefits of this practice are reflected in all of them through their health, happiness and spiritual contentment.

Far Leaves Breatkfast Tea is our special blend of rich and bold black teas from China and India. The nutty and floral essences are delicious by themselves but are nicely enhanced with milk and sugar for a soothing morning awakener.