Since starting in April 2010, the DIAKADI blog has surpassed 500 posts. From day one, our goal has been to bring our clients the most relevant + current information on health and fitness, to assist them with reaching their goals, and hopefully helping to provide motivation to them for their fitness path ahead.

Last year, we divided our blog into seven unique categories; Body, Focus + Passion, Fuel, Life, Mind, Restore and Success. You might be asking what exactly these categories mean and what you will find in each one. Let me break this down for you:

BODY: The “Body” category is meant to teach our readers about their bodies with topics such as anatomy and injury prevention. There are also articles that deal with the effects of nutrition on the human body, such as Nate Miyaki’s Carb Confusion.

FOCUS + PASSION: This category is for articles written about an individual's passion, what truly motivates them to live each day to the fullest. You can find a heap of success stories here, where a client not only reaches a fitness goal but also discovers a new passion for exercise.  This tab contains some very inspirational posts.

FUEL: On our “Fuel” page we review and direct readers to research articles on nutrition, so that clients have the highest quality information on how to eat healthy every day. This category is also filled with delicious and healthy recipes to keep you on your fitness track without boring you with chicken breast and broccoli every single day!

LIFE: The “Life” page is all about you and how changes to our daily lives can bring about incredible improvements in our health. Articles here are meant to help coach, motivate and educate our readers through making the most intelligent daily lifestyle choices.

MIND: Looking to learn more about fitness and wellness or perhaps take a class? Check out our mind section for classes, videos and blog posts that are meant to stretch your mind and give you the best information to help you reach your goals.

RESTORE: The blog posts you will find in “Restore” are all about the variety of ways we can heal ourselves. Sleep, massage, and meditation are all equally as important as a sweaty workout when we are striving to live a balanced, healthy life.

SUCCESS: Have you reached your fitness and/or wellness goals? You could be featured on our success page along with our Commit to Fit winners! Drop us a line on your success at info@diakadibody.com and we will share your story!


Our job is to link you to a wide variety of the top educators in health, fitness and lifestyle, so we feature a range of authors (Nate Miyaki, Pooja Dang, Allegra Lucas to name a few) who have dedicated themselves to fitness and supply us with great blog pieces from all types of backgrounds from nutrition to life coaching.

Our audience is growing and far surpassing our original goals. When the DIAKADI Blog first started, we wanted to be a one stop shop for all of our client's fitness needs. Now, we are excited to say our site analytics are showing that a global audience is searching out our blog for information. We have gone global! Thanks to all of our followers for your shares and forwards. Help us keep the ball rolling.

People consistently ask us, what are your most popular posts? Below is a list of links to our biggest hitting blog posts over the past 3 years, just in case you missed them the first time around:








Do you have any questions you would like us answer for you? We are always open to research suggestions or even articles written by you on your success/personal knowledge of the fitness world! Just drop us a line at info@diakadibody.com.

Thank you for reading and watch for even greater things to come in our next 500 blog posts!