Now that I have a toddler (wait, how did that happen?!), I’m now heading toward full-on “I DON’T WANNA!” land. My kiddo is a pretty easygoing guy, but there are definitely times where he has no interest in getting into (or out of!) the tub, having a diaper change, stopping playing with trucks to have dinner, etc. There are various tactics to address these moments: “I hear that you don’t want to do this, and this is why we have to do it anyway...” or “Do you want to bring a truck up with you to eat dinner?” or simply picking up my tiny screaming boy and moving ahead despite his desire to do something else.

Some of this is being a toddler. And some of this is just being human. I still have I DON’T WANNA moments all the time, and there are two important lessons that parenting has taught me in how to deal with those moments in my own life. 1) You just have to do things you don’t want to do sometimes, mostly because they will help you be happy and healthy in the big picture even if they don’t feel good in the moment, and 2) Be as kind as you can possibly be while enforcing these limits and boundaries. Don’t beat up on yourself for being imperfect and unwilling, just work on encouraging the stubborn toddler in yourself and helping him or her to succeed.

As I’ve talked about before, I struggle with motivation around exercise. I had hoped that the biggest change I’d experience with the Commit to Fit program would be a mental shift - that I’d become a person who just fell in love with exercise and woke up every day wanting to go to the gym. That hasn’t happened, but there are definitely many more days where I enjoy my time working hard at DIAKADI than days I dread going, and the days that are hard are more about other things going on in my life (lack of sleep, lack of time, etc.)

I talked about the hard days with Billy the other day (on a day I’d considered calling in “sick” but showed up anyway), and he mentioned his client Ashley McCumber, who has transformed his life by quitting smoking and losing over 90 pounds. He said that Ashley always says that the hard days are the days you need it most, and that you just need to push through it. That doesn’t come easy for me, but I’m learning to treat myself like a stubborn toddler and very kindly say “I hear that you don’t want to do this, and this is why we have to do it anyway…”

How does this work for you? I welcome your motivation tips in the comments.