Are your clients' hamstrings really tight or are they actually fully stretched, weak and taut due to an excessive anterior pelvic tilt? Is your clients nagging low back pain actually SI joint pain caused by a pelvic misalignment?

The pelvis is often called the foundation for the body. Understanding the positioning of it, how muscle work effects it, and how to keep it aligned and safe are key concepts in keeping your clients safe, pain free and progressing. In this Trainer Knowledge Sharing, Billy Polson will focus on the basic key concepts used in assessing the pelvis for clients. This will be a hands on assessment class, so wear your workout clothes. Students will learn:

  •  How to know when someone's pelvis is correctly aligned
  •  How to assess which muscles should be stretched and which should be strengthened
  •  A deeper understanding of how back pain directly relates to pelvic alignment
  •  What are the best exercises and safest progressions for building pelvic stability
  •  When to refer out for soft tissue work and assistance

Date: Thursday, January 9th

Time: 2 - 4 pm.

Location: DIAKADI

Cost: DIAKADI Trainers FREE | Community Trainers $20

Presenter: Billy Polson