A new Market opened recently in the Mission. One that believes in Certified Organic Farm fresh foods. The Local Mission Market also has premade food ready for you after your busy work days. You can actually watch the cooks prepare the food at the market while you shop. It seems like everything from the materials to the food is local. They even used the wood from a fallen tree in Laurel Heights to create their counter top! Local Mission Market also prides itself on having "zero waste'. All their packaging is either recyclable or compostable. They use the cheaper cuts and bones for dog treats instead of throwing them away and creating garbage. Check out Local Mission Market which is open from 9am to 9pm every day!
"Local Mission Market is the first locally-sourced and handmade market. Beyond the bounty of exclusively and directly-sourced Central and Northern Californian fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, oil, vinegar, rice and beans, we craft, package, and label every bread, pasta, jam, pickle, cracker, condiment, sausage, cured fish, and more on-site and by-hand. As committed as we are to old-world and from-scratch production, we also pioneered a full webstore for pick-up and delivery and a custom in-store iPad app for weighed items and quicker checkouts. " Owner Yaron Milgrom
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Photos taken by Naomi Fiss.