Assessment Essentials Part 2 of 5: Spine Curve and Posture Screen With a large majority of clients suffering from postural deviations due to injury, desk posture, or muscle imbalances, it is extremely important to fully assess each client's spinal posture.

In this class, Billy Polson CSCS will walk through how to take analytical measurements of the spine for lordosis, kyphosis, upper and lower cross syndromes. These measurements will allow you to have a starting point for your exercise prescription, while also allowing you to perform exact reassessments down the road for tracking progress and changes.

The class will also cover a series of abdominal and low back strength tests, in order to help trainers assign their clients only the exercises necessary to strengthen their weak areas.

This class is great for beginners as well as advanced trainers/coaches looking to practice their skills. This is a hands on seminar, so please come in workout clothes, prepared to assess one another.

Date: Thursday, February 6th

Time: 2 - 3:30 pm.

Location: DIAKADI

Cost: DIAKADI Trainers FREE | Community Trainers $30

Presenter: Billy Polson